Natural gas flares, converted to electricity, powering onsite crypto mining efforts. Credit: Cully Cavness, Casper Star Tribute

Let me explain.

The world operates on incentives. Specifically financial incentives. And currently, sadly, scarily, there are no real direct financial incentives for people to contribute to climate change. It’s a tragedy of the commons. …

The Matrix — Morpheus asks Neo which path he wants to take

Why I’ve decided to start another company.

I’m sincerely grateful to have joined Lightspeed in 2015 and after leading many investments, most still unannounced, it’s time for me to listen to that voice in my head which thinks about building products every day.

That is why I’ve personally decided to transition into a Venture Partner role at…

Aaron Batalion

NewCo. Past: Partner, @LightspeedVP. Founder/CTO, LivingSocial. Tweeting at @abatalion

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