The Sovereign Protocol War — Part 2

Facebook has no choice but to make (Ca)Libra succeed

Libra != Libra Association != Calibra Inc != Calibra app

Facebook is the largest country in the world. The Libra project is dead w/o them.

Bitcoin’s greatest vulnerability to scale is onramps. Calibra will try to solve that.

Libra’s success is a rising tide that lifts all (crypto) boats.

The Libra Association is reputational arbitrage for FB.

Permissioned Validators? Not built on a chain of blocks? It’s not a cryptocurrency!

Privacy is a facade.

All of those corporations will see all my data!

Facebook can’t be trusted with privacy! Don’t think that matters.

Custody is scary and still unsolved for consumers.

Apple/Google will join the Association by 2020… or Libra is in trouble..

AOL in 1990 == Libra in 2019

FB Platform 2009 != CaLibra Platform 2019

Consumers don’t care what currency they use… if it works.

Libra is the only viable opponent to Chinese tech companies going global.



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Aaron Batalion

Aaron Batalion

NewCo. Past: Partner, @LightspeedVP. Founder/CTO, LivingSocial. Tweeting at @abatalion